The Group DJ Meca is in constant research of qualified employees to match with our customer’s requirements which are more and more elaborate.

If you’re interested in a career in mechanical field please feel free to contact us.

Recruitment in progress:

Manufacturing Agent – Editor

Company of 50 employees belonging to the DJ Meca group of 350 people

Place of work: CIVENS (42110)

Sector: Precision mechanics

Position: Interim 3 months minimum, then CDI

Hours: 35 H (36 H 32 effective with acquisition of 5.817 RTT per month)

L + M + M + D: 7h30-12h00 and 12h45-16h15

V: 7: 30-12: 02

Position: Under the responsibility of the production manager

Position: Manufacturing Agent – Editor

Realization of integral assembly complexes of electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, automaton assemblies.

Reading of technical documents (pneumatic / hydraulic or electrical wiring diagrams …).

Inventory management and receipt of central components in the manufacture of customer sets,

Editing, control, writing minutes of customer sets,

Perform the phases in accordance with the technical documents in due time,

Various productions in the workshop and on CNC machines, according to emergencies and deadlines.


– BTS maintenance or BAC PRO Maintenance or Production, or experience in complex assemblies,

– autonomous,

– Rigor, because our customers expect services of an irreproachable quality.

Monthly salary: 11 € per hour

Adjusting operator on CNC machines

Group 350 employees.

Place of work: Civens (42) + Voiron (38)

Sector: Precision mechanics

Position: Interim 3 months minimum, then CDI or CDI direct following profile

Hours: 35 H (38.15 effective with acquisition 5.653 of RTT per month)

  • Permanent morning

M           :          4h10-12h00

T+W+T+F :   4h00-12h00

  • Evening shit

M+T+W+T :    12h00-19h40

F          :          12h00-17h30

  • Night shift

M+T+W+T :    19h40-04h40

F          :          17h30-21h50

Position: Reporting to the Production Manager

Position: Adjusting operators / machine CN

Guarantee manufacturing by respecting the costs, the safety rules, and the quality on time,

To inform the documents necessary for the follow-up of the production,

Alert in case of failure,

Replace and adjust cutting tools,

Keep the post clean,

Perform first level maintenance,

To be a driving force in continuous improvement.


– Productivity

– NC machine experience, 5 axis center tower.

– Rigor, autonomy and team spirit essential.

– Mastery of the reading of plans, and various means of control.

– Capacities of anticipation, transmission of information, organization and adaptation

Salary to be defined according to profile

Group 200 employees.

Place of work: LOIRE

Sector: Precision mechanics

Main missions :
– Quotation in accordance with the request of our customers and our know-how
– Process study
– Realization of machining ranges
– Development of machining fixtures
– Industrialization / Continuous improvement


– Choosing the right technology for the product to manufacture
– Fit or remove the appropriate tools on each machine
– Set the machines according to specific parameters and adjust the settings
– Start manufacturing a series of parts
– Ensure frequent checks
– Intervene in case of breakdown
– Collaborate with officials
– Perform preventive and corrective first level maintenance of equipment


– Technological knowledge of Citizen and Star machines
– Reading of plans and industrial drawings
– Knowledge of programming languages ​​(CNC Fanuc / Mitsubishi)
– Sense of organization and communication
– Team work
– Rigor and autonomy
– Ability to comply with production objectives

We are looking for our CIVENS site (42) operator (s) adjuster (s) on fully autonomous machining center (s).

Main missions :
– Realization of a program according to a plan, with choice of the tools and the clamping of the part
– Modification of programs
– Adjusting the machines
– Launch in production and control

Salary following qualifications.

Position to be filled quickly


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