Pièce de tournage

DJ méca has a large number of CNC lathes to meet your needs in terms of rotating parts. Our equipment includes standard single-spindle CNC lathes, as well as dual-spindle, dual-turret CNC lathes, with the recent addition of dual-spindle, triple-turret CNC lathes. These machines can produce parts from 5 mm to 750 mm in diameter.

Productivity : our daily objective

To reduce costs to meet your needs, DJ méca is moving towards automating its machines, by installing bar feed lathes.

The situation permitting, we can envisage robotic cell manufacturing.

Part dimensions:

Up to Ø750 mm above the bench


Accepted tolerances:

Dimensions in micrometers toleranced


Production capacity:

Single-spindle CNC lathes
Dual-spindle dual-turret CNC lathes
Dual-spindle dual-turret CNC lathes
Conventional lathes


Typical machines: