MANIPEX - CERMEX - Assemblage - câblages

The Gebo-Cermex company is one of the wold leaders in the field of engineering packaging line. The firm  produces solutions for case loading, palletising and overpack.

The DJ Meca Group’s companies are all associate to the business development with Gebo-Cermex by assembling of complet sub-assemblies. From machinning to sub-contractors management through community trade standards components management and assembling. Thanks to this collaboration, DJ Méca can be considered as a supplier able to manage projects from industrialisation to delivery.

These sub-assemblies are a real showcase for the DJ Meca Group because it put this forward all competencies au each group’s companies:

  • Assembling
  • Cabling
    • PneumaticsTransfert - Cermex - assemblage - câblages
    • Electrics
    • Hydraulics
  • Laser cutting
  • Bending
  • Tourning
  • Milling

Click on the link below if you want to watch the Gebo-Cermex video whch shows an exemple of a packaging line with some sub-assemblies prouced by the DJ Meca Group.