Takeover of two companies, ROUSSON CHAMOUX (founded in 1880) and UNV Industrie (founded in 1964) by M. Didier JOUVE, co-founder and Chairman of the Group, whose aim has always been to create a centre of mechanical expertise able to meet the needs of national and international prime manufacturers.


Merger of these two companies to create DJ MECA. DJ MECA immediately, established itself toward  its customers not simply as a parts supplier, but also as a service supplier provider that could provides? solutions to meet its customers’ requirements, from advising them on machining matters to supplying complete mechanical sub-assemblies, not to mention product logistics.
To acquire the resources to pursue his development strategy, M. Didier JOUVE acquired two companies and brought additional activities into the Group:


ALTYM (founded in 1966), specialising in sheet metal work and laser cutting – DJ MECA Châteauponsac


AMM 42 (founded in 1973), specialising in machining as-forged and as-cast parts – DJ MECA Champdieu.


Keen to meet its customers’ requirements in terms of quality and competitiveness, DJ MECA invested more than 1.8 M€ in replacing some of the machining machines on the four production sites.


New external growth via the integration of two companies, JANCAU and MECADEX, with the creation of a new entity JANCAU-MECADEX (Scionzier) – DJ MECA Scionzier.


New acquisition to add Enhance to the Group’s panel of expertise. FAVIER PRECISIONS, specialising in prototyping and small production runs, became DJ MECA Roanne.


Integration of the White technologies group. They bring 3 additional production sites with new know-how and an increase of the capacity. All 9 production sites together (8 in France and 1 in Serbia) become DJ Meca group.


Step back to the beginning and our core identity. In a world changing so rapidly with crisis which become more and more clos to each other, Mr Didier JOUVE has decided to get back to basics with the autonomy of the 2 historical sites of Civens (AMC42) and Voiron (AMV38). In fact the size of doesn’t matter in a world which requires reactivity and performance with calling specialists if necessary to meet the needs on our customer’s  projects.

DJ Meca become a sales brand committed to the competitivity and satisfaction of our customers.