Screw machinning

DJ méca has specialised in screw machining for almost 50 years. Our production sites of AMV38 and AMC42are equipped with CNC dual-spindle lathes and CNC single-spindle lathes with bar feeds to meet your needs in terms of small diameters rotating parts thanks to fixed headstocks and sliding headstocks. Machines can produce parts from 2 mm to 65 mm in diameter.

Preserving French Know-How

DJ méca is proud of its screw machining competency, a French speciality in the fifties. To preserve its screw machining activities and continue to meet your needs, DJ méca has not only a large number of modern machines but also cam-turning lathes that are still  competitive in terms of quality and cost.


Part dimensions:

From Ø2 mm to Ø65 mm
Bar feeds up to Ø 65 mm


Accepted tolerances:

Dimensions in hundredths tolerance?


Production capacity:

70 single-spindle CNClathes
30 dual-spindle CNClathes
10 cam-turning lathes


Typical machines: